Sleeping Beauty

Selected by the Cinemateka of Barcelona

image Sleeping Beauty

Selected by the Cinemateka of Barcelona With great enthusiasm, the Cinemateka de Barcelona has decided to include in its programme the captivating short film entitled “Sleeping Beauty”, a masterpiece by Luis Gibert, in what promises to be an exceptional edition full of surprises. This exciting announcement marks an important milestone in the fifth edition of this outstanding film event.

The choice of “Sleeping Beauty” to be shown at the Cinemateka in Barcelona highlights Luis Gibert’s talent and unique vision as a filmmaker. This short film, which has left its mark on the world of cinema, joins a diverse and captivating selection of films that will be screened during the event.

The Barcelona Cinemateka has earned a well-deserved reputation for being a showcase for creativity and innovation in the world of cinema. Each edition attracts film buffs, industry professionals and lovers of the visual arts who are eager to immerse themselves in a unique and enriching cinematic experience.

The inclusion of “Sleeping Beauty” in this fifth edition not only recognises the talent of Luis Gibert, but also demonstrates the commitment of the Cinemateka de Barcelona to presenting works that captivate, excite and awaken the imagination of its audience. Attendees can anticipate a magical evening in which they will be transported to fascinating and emotive narrative worlds, thanks to the artistry and dedication of exceptional filmmakers like Luis Gibert.

Therfore, the fifth edition of the Barcelona Cinemateka is preparing to offer a unique and memorable experience for all those who appreciate cinema in its purest and most evocative form. Luis Gibert’s “Sleeping Beauty”, along with other selected works, will surely enchant and delight the audience, reaffirming the importance of cinematographic art in contemporary culture.